You Get What You Pay For

We live in a society where we want to get the best bang for our buck. Growing up, I can remember we didn’t always buy the name brand stuff. I am sure you can think of generic food items and other generic products advertised next to the name brands. I was raised with the mind set that the value of the goods was not defined by the label. I even remember hearing from someone that the food was the same–with just a different label applied.

You Get What You Pay For - Bang For A Buck
How many “healthy” items can you find?

Let’s not forget the ever-emerging dollar menu items at fast food restaurants. It seems that one chain started it all and it then spread through the fast food industry. The older I got, the more I realized that getting a deal isn’t everything…in most cases, the bigger the deal, the lower the quality of the good. “You get what you pay for”.  Looking back, it only makes sense. You cannot expect to get quality food or products cheap without sacrifices. Even the Sir Isaac Newton knew this with his Third law of motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The idea of value is not necessarily a motion but the fact that with everything in life, there is always going to be a consequence. I guess a better way to look at it is at what cost are we okay with if we believe we are getting the best deal?  I think it is safe to say at this point with our growing population, we are in fact at a much more unhealthy state than we were several years ago. The deals that we so instinctively want has costed us the very essence of our health. Unfortunately, that brings us to the idea of being too late to reverse this value mindset. Are we too late?  The short answer is no.

Everyday, we wake up to a new beginning; a new opportunity to change our outlook on life; to change everything about us.

The moment it becomes too late is the moment we take our last breath. Everyday, we wake up to a new beginning; a new opportunity to change our outlook on life; to change everything about us. Recently, I heard Dr. Oliver Wenker speak on the topic of microbiomes. An interesting point he made was that we control 90% of our microbiome simply by what we are exposing ourselves to. This includes our food and everything else we put in or on our body, as well as where we live geographically. A few ways we can greatly impact our microbiome (and ultimately our health) is to eat better, exercise more often, and by using natural alternatives–such as essential oils.

USDA Organic - You Get What You Pay For
Organic foods usually cost more than non-organic
Non-GMO - You Get What You Pay For
Non-GMO products are considered more “natural” and can cost more

Eating better can be difficult when you think about organic products. I think that might be the biggest complication for many people. One thing to keep in mind when valuing the decision on conventional versus a more organic diet, is the cost. Unfortunately, GMOs play a huge role in the conventional diet due to the the demand to mass produce and to produce at a higher yield. By choosing the conventional diet, think about the health complications brought on from the GMOs. In the end, does the conventional diet plus any possible health complications end up being cheaper than the sometimes higher upfront cost of organic to promote a healthier lifestyle?

Exercise is always a tough topic for a lot of people. We all need to be exercising in some form. Exercise is not just about weight-loss (even though it can be an outcome when combined with a good diet)  It is about keeping us moving in an effort to prevent premature aging, which can also take a toll on our microbiome–in turn, effecting our overall health. This is not saying that you have to spend countless hours at your local gym on hardcore workouts. Simply add more moving to your daily life!

Essential oils have been growing in popularity in recent years.  The reality is, they have been used for generations among generations. When you think about where they come from, you see the resources have been here from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong here, doctors have their time and place.  However, allowing the resources of nature to help support your body to help eliminate some of the unnecessary visits to the doctor can take your health to the next level. Benjamin Franklin once said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“.  Essential oils are not designed to be able to treat, diagnose, or cure a disease, but they may help support your body so you don’t get sick to begin with. Essential oils also become a great way to eliminate some of the chemical toxins you are exposing your body to. An important reminder here is to think of essential oils with the mind set of food. Sure, I can go down to a local store and buy essential oils really cheap. Will I? Definitely not anymore. In my experiences with essential oils, quality really does matter.

You Get What You Pay For - Lavender Essential Oil
It takes about 27 sq foot of a lavender field to make one 15 ml bottle of Lavender Essential Oil

Just like with GMOs in food, problems have a way of showing up in some essential oils as well. I have heard from several people say I remember you talking about essential oils so I went to the store and bought some. “They didn’t work for me so know I don’t believe essential oils work.” If this is you or you have experienced something similar, think about the bottle of essential oil you purchased. Can you rest assured and know that the money you spent for it is capable of producing quality essential oils? When you think about Lavender Essential Oil and how it takes about a 27 sq foot of lavender field to make one 15 ml bottle–do you think the farmer or groups of farmers can cultivate, grow, distill, and provide that bottle of essential oil for $6? That scenario can only be accomplished by mass producing the herbs, trees, or fruit to produce high yield and possibly adding synthetics to be able to produce more oil. If you are changing your diet, your exercise patterns, and adding essential oils to improve your health but the oils you are using are not pure essential oils,what’s the point? After using other brands in the past and falling for the idea that quality is not defined by value, I decided to use Young Living Essential Oils. Be able to rest assured in the fact that I know what I am exposing not only my body, but my family as well, speaks measures to me. My only complaint is I wished I had done it sooner! Find out more on (“Why Young Living Essentials Oils”).

Improving your health through the perfect trifecta combination of healthy diet, exercise, and essential oils can help you get the best deal in the long run. Sometimes we have to look past the cost up front to see the true value in our decision. When thinking about family, that cost only exponentially effects the value we are getting when you take into consideration everything as a whole.

When it comes to essential oils, you get what you pay for.  Until next time, happy oiling!

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